The Western Heartlands

The Fall of Calcryx
But at what cost?

After resting from their previous encounter with goblins..the party heads off deeper into the Citadel..wasting no time the group lead by Wargrot’s initiave start bashing threw every door they encounter. Hearing footsteps from one of the rooms..expecting goblins Wargrot goes threw discovering a room covered in Ice..the kobold’s dragon Calcryx lays there angrily.

Following the bang on the door crashing Calcryx takes a deep breath..and a stream of ice comes out hitting Wargrot, Zane & Caramip. Still in shock of seeing the Dragon Zane & Caramip instantly go down from the freezing breath. In the Shoji try’s to pull Caramip out of the way but in his atempt Caramip breathe’s her last breath. Maz makes a run for it. Wagrot starts to cleave away at the wirmling. With nearly no hope left Shoji rushes in to aid the raging half-orc. Againts all odds they fell the wyrmling as Maz sudenly appears from the side door.

Having lost 2 companions..Shoji, Wargrot & Maz quickly scavenge their companions bodies for any valuables and start to cary the dragon’s corpse out of the Citadel..failing to do so quietly they encounter a few goblins. Quickly killing them they press on.

After a well deserved rest they make their way out and head back towards Filwarfin where Maz makes arrangements with one of the blacksmith to craft some armor out of the dragons skin. Wargrot makes his way to the Inn to have a drink to his fallen comrades as he started to enjoy the presence of the human and gnome.

After a forceful clean up Wargrot came down to the common room to find his old friend Mara Astorio entertaining the crowd. With a watchful eye from her Dwarven friend they rekindle and share their recent adventures..after a few drinks a man approaches Wargrot and invites him to brawl in the Inn’s basement where the real action is had…With Mara’s encouragement Wargrot easily defeats the local champion in a wrestling match.

Tieflings, Giant Rats & More Goblins

After getting some rest, you discover a secret passage allowing you to circumvent jumping over the large pit. Returning towards the entrance of the Citadel you encounter a Tiefling by the name of Matema, also know as Maz. It seems Maz is also here looking for the previous adventurers who went down into the Sunless Citadel.

With Maz now among continue to delve into the citadel…encountering a few Kobolds, some more rodents of unusual size. As well as a small crypt holding more dragon priests…there..almost loosing Zane to skeletons that have come to life with some magical power you find a mysterious Dwarven whistle.

Further down you come across an awful smell…You run into what seems like the rats breeding lair, defeating what looks like the Rat “mother” you find a pile of bones and a half eaten seems like the later was one of the adventurers you were looking for..

With all this death around you..skeletons..deadly all your excitement you decide to blow this whistle and find out that it raises the dead..or at least animates with you’re new found toy rather than resting you continue to explore the Citadel with “Zed” leading the way. You shortly run into a small band of goblins..exhausted from the previous fight in a disorganized commotion trying to retreat..Barely defeating the goblins you make it out alive..retreating to a nearby room to get so rest.

Approximately 3 days have passed since you first entered…you aren’t quite sure it has been that long since you have seen any daylight..determined to find this fruit…and the other missing adventurers you press on deeper into the Citadel.

Kobolds & Dragon Priest

After resting Caramip, Wargrot, Shoji & Zane. discover that while Pippen was on watch the strange elven child must of left as the party could see animal tracks leading out of their makeshift camp towards the entrance of the Citadel. It seems the violence was too much for Pippen.

Retracing their steps and moving forward towards. they encounter a group of Kobolds. It seems that this was the famed Yusdrayl leader of the small Clan. As he guarded a large dragon key that would open a door that would lead the group to a long undisturbed tomb. To get there a few task would be required.

A strange room with eerie sounds coming from strange orbs. Another with a white veined marble statue with a riddle. And another with a large pit required though to get across.


Curious and without too much though they opened the sarcophagus and awoke the dragon priest. A tough encounter awaited them. For a second time after receiving a crossbow bolt in the neck from friendly fire Shoji went down. What will come of our adventurers next?

The Sunless Citadel

In search of an apple tree with mysterious healing properties. Caramip & Pippen are joined by a group of adventurers; Wargrot, Shoji & Zane who are headed in the same direction looking for 2 missing adventurers who went down the old eastern road in search for the apple tree and other treasures hidden in the chasm.

After a days travel they arrives to a large chasm

Without too much difficulty they descend into the darkness to find a ruined citadel bellow. As they explore the Citadel, you come across symbols of dragons embedded in the stone as well as some draconic writings next to some slain goblins. As you venture forth you learn that the citadel is home to Kobolds & Goblins. It seems that the goblins have stolen the kobolds dragon. And your only common speaking guide in the darkness has been slain. What will the adventurers do next?

Sittin' at the campfire
in the middle of the creepy dungeon... surrounded by our dead enemies...

Hi! Caramip here! Your Gnome Cleric ;)


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